Freedom Through Aligning The Mind, by Tracy Friend


Freedom Through Aligning The Mind“The outward freedom that we shall attain will only be in exact proportion to the inward freedom to which we may have grown at a given moment.” Mahatma Gandhi

Definition: Freedom – the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.

From a Law of Attraction understanding inner freedom depends on ‘thinking as one wants’. There is a feeling of inner freedom when thinking thoughts that match the true essence of who you are.

“Discipline leads to freedom.” The Buddha
Discipline leading to freedom might sound like a paradox however as the mind tends to go where it has gone before, the way to create inner freedom is through practising better feeling thoughts which can take discipline.

Inner freedom also isn’t actually dependent upon the circumstances of someone’s life being a particular way, it is dependent on them being able to be flexible in their thinking to focus to feel good irrespective of conditions. However, when someone manages to do so the circumstances of their life always change to reflect their better feelings.

The benefits of inner freedom

The primary benefit of someone having inner freedom is a knowing that they are free to focus their mind however they want to and therefore create the life they want.

With inner freedom there are also positive emotions as there is freedom from any contradictory beliefs. In addition when someone’s thinking is matching what they want there is a feeling of no lack as they can feel the presence of what is wanted even before it has manifested.

With inner freedom there is also the ability to follow inner guidance. The Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner talked about how “a free spirit acts according to his impulses”.

Allowing more freedom

Inner freedom can be cultivated by both quieting and focusing the mind. Meditating for around fifteen minutes ideally on a daily basis is helpful to quiet the mind and will lead to more of a feeling of freedom.

By remembering times that you have felt free you will also feel increasingly freer which will result in more freedom in your life. Another exercise that can assist you in finding the feeling place of freedom is writing about “What freedom means to me”.

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