Grace and the Law of Attraction, by Tracy Friend


Grace and the Law of Attraction“Grace has been defined as the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul.” William Hazlitt

Grace may be considered the experience of receiving assistance from non-physical when we are in harmony with the source part of ourselves.

Grace within Different Traditions

Many different traditions talk about the concept of grace and even if the word ‘grace’ doesn’t resonate with you, whatever term we may use to describe the concept, it certainly describes an interesting phenomenon.

The word grace comes from the Greek charis which means ‘a gift’.

The Latin root of the word gratitude is ‘grata’ or ‘gratia’ which also means ‘a given gift’ and the word grace comes from this same root that means ‘a gift freely given that is unearned’.

In Sanskrit the word for grace is ‘shaktipata’ with shakti meaning ‘energy’ and pata meaning ‘transmission’ or ‘bestowing’.

Grace from a Law of Attraction Understanding

Some approaches emphasise that grace is unearned. From a Law of Attraction understanding whilst it is unearned in terms of action, in order for grace to flow it does have to be matched energetically. Indeed, we cannot determine precisely how things will manifest but we can set up favourable conditions that will allow the essence of what is wanted to flow into our lives.

Allowing Grace

The Law of Attraction provides a clear understanding of how we can open ourselves to receive grace.

“The world is not to be put in order; the world is in order. It is for us to put ourselves in unison with this order.” Henry Miller

This quote illustrates that living in a state of grace is actually our natural state when there is the absence of any contradictory thinking or the presence of love and appreciation. Therefore all of the Law of Attraction exercises that facilitate the letting go of any resistant thoughts will allow more grace into your life.

One powerful technique to allow more grace is to appreciate all of the times that you’ve felt that you have received universal assistance.

Meditation also assists in opening to receive more grace as it helps people to get into more of a state of allowing.

An interesting synchronicity was that in the middle of writing this article a friend (who I hadn’t mentioned the article to) sent me two messages all about grace!


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