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Tipping Point“Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the wise man, gathering it little by little, fills himself with good.” Buddha

As the Law of Attraction is a consistent law, for all dreams and desires tipping points exist. The tipping point may be defined as the point at which somebody’s thoughts are enough in alignment with what they want on a particular subject, that it has to manifest.

How to Tip the Balance

Meditation is beneficial for several different reasons, firstly because it calms the mind and raises our frequency which means that we naturally start having access to better feeling thoughts on all subjects. In addition, it gives clarity and helps us to become more aware of the thoughts that we are thinking, making it easier to identify any not good feeling thoughts which can then be changed through applying the Law of Attraction focusing techniques.

Raising our frequency through focusing generally will also assist in moving towards the tipping point of wanted things as again in this higher frequency all thoughts begin to be what can be referred to as ‘cleaned up’. One technique for focusing generally is listing all of the things that we appreciate in our life and the good things that have happened.

It is useful to also focus specifically on any areas of life that we would like to transform to ensure that our thoughts are matching what we want on those subjects.

Suggestions for Reaching the Tipping Point

    It is very beneficial to try to regularly add some consistent momentum in a positive direction and even if it doesn’t seem like things are changing – over time these better feeling thoughts will become beliefs

    It is often easier to do the Law of Attraction exercises first thing in the morning as people usually wake up in a more allowing state

    There is great leverage in continuing to practice positive thoughts when feeling good as this is when our thinking is the most powerful

Notes about the Tipping Point

  • It is not necessary to believe the new thoughts to begin with, they will become beliefs as they continue to be practised.
  • It is possible to know how close we are to the tipping point by how we feel, the better we feel the closer we are.
  • We don’t have to reach the tipping point all at once however it does feel good to be moving in the direction of it.
  • When the tipping point is reached what is wanted has to manifest even if we have no idea as to ‘how’ it can manifest.

An Upward Spiral

Practising the Law of Attraction exercises with some consistency results in getting into an upward spiral in which more good things begin to happen thereby giving more positive things to more easily focus on. It also gets easier and easier as we maintain our positive focus as we increasingly open ourselves to universal assistance.

If you would like further assistance in reaching the tipping point to create what you want, the Law of Attraction Centre has released the online course ‘Living the Law of Attraction’. For more information please see: https://www.lawofattractioncentre.com/products/#Courses


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