Improving Relationships with the Law of Attraction, by Tracy Friend


Improving Relationships with the Law of Attraction“Love inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way.” Mary Baker Eddy

According to the Law of Attraction everyone’s relationships are a reflection of the thoughts that they are thinking and their relationships can be positively transformed through changing their focus.

When you think thoughts you emit a vibration or signal that exerts a tangible influence on the world around you including the people around you. Therefore through practising more positive thoughts about particular people and relationships you will positively influence them.

Focusing on the positive aspects of a particular person and relationship, is like giving a plant sunlight and water, it feeds the relationship and gives it the opportunity to grow and evolve.

Thoughts are incredibly powerful and the Law of Attraction goes as far as to say that the thoughts that people think are significantly more influential than the actions that they take. However, that is not to say that as someone’s thoughts come more into alignment with what is wanted that the perfect actions won’t be inspired (the perfect actions usually will be inspired).

As thought works on the level of non-physical energy, by thinking positive thoughts about someone you can positively influence them and your relationship with them whether you are physically with them or not and also whether you communicate those positive thoughts verbally or not.

A very powerful technique to positively improve relationships is to spend about 5-10 minutes making a written list of around 20 positive aspects and qualities of a particular person or people in your life. When people starting deliberately focusing on the positive aspects of a particular person or people in their life, they usually realise how many positive aspects that person or those people have. This is because the Law of Attraction not only attracts experiences but also similar thoughts, so as their thoughts shift in a more positive direction they have access to other thoughts and memories on the same frequency.

As there may be a momentum of practised thinking in a particular way about a person or relationship, it can take a little while of listing the positive aspects regularly before you begin to see and feel the changes as it is necessary to make the new positive thoughts more dominant within you.

A great benefit of focusing positively on a particular relationship is that it not only improves the relationship that you are focusing on but usually has a knock on effect of positively improving all of the relationships in your life.

Relationships can also be improved through practising self-appreciation as the Law of Attraction states that the universe reflects back to you how you feel about yourself. So when you are feeling positive and recognising your value, other people will treat you in accordance with that and you will begin to attract more good things into your life. It is very helpful to make a written list of around 20 of your own positive qualities.

The Law of Attraction Centre has a collection of testimonials of how people have positively transformed relationships through applying the Law of Attraction, to read the testimonials please click here.


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