Meditation and the Law of Attraction, by Tracy Friend


Meditation and the Law of Attraction

“When we meditate the depth, beauty and possibility of every moment begins to be revealed to us.” Tracy Friend

Meditation is one of the most beneficial things that people can do for themselves to positively improve their lives. Meditation is incredibly transformative with it having numerous physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. When you meditate you allow more energy to flow through you and you open yourself to more inspiration, ideas and solutions. Meditation also enables you to ‘sync up’ with who you really are, increases your intuition and allows yourself to feel more of your connection to everyone and everything.

From a Law of Attraction perspective the benefits of meditation can be attributed to it allowing the mind to quiet which allows your natural frequency to rise as your mind is taken off of anything that may have been bothering you. When your frequency rises you feel more wellbeing and more of what you have asked for can begin to flow into your experience.

It is fascinating the extent to which your perspective on things and how you feel about things can change when you meditate. It is like going up in a lift, the same thing looks completely different from a different vantage point.

With regard to meditation techniques, from my experience I have found that the style of meditation isn’t so important. It is best to try different methods and to find the way that feels the easiest and most natural to you. Some people meditate in silence, some people listen to relaxing music, some people focus on their breathing – all of the techniques allow the mind to quiet. It is important to note however that meditation is different to visualisation, when you meditate you are allowing the mind to relax and let go, rather than trying to envision anything. It is also good if possible to meditate in the morning as it sets the tone for your day.

What is key with meditation is meditating regularly, ideally on a daily basis as the benefits are cumulative. Around 15 to 20 minutes a day is a good length of time in order to start experiencing the benefits.

If you are also doing some other Law of Attraction practises, it can be very beneficial to begin with meditation as this puts you into a more positive frame of mind which makes the other techniques easier to do.

Often when people start meditating they become aware of what is going on in the background of their mind but with a consistent practice this will subside and the mind will begin to calm. People who go on to maintain a regular meditation practice often very quickly report that their meditation is one of the most enjoyable parts of their day.

Sometimes people feel that they don’t have time to meditate. However, you can actually gain time from meditating as meditation enables you to be more focused and it puts you in a frame of mind in which more beneficial ideas can flow to you.

For anyone who is interested the Law of Attraction Centre has two different Meditation CD’s available to order, for more information please see: The Law of Attraction Centre also runs Meditation 101 Live, regular worldwide free meditation and visualisation webinars providing the opportunity to experience the enhanced collective energy of meditating with other people from the comfort of your own home.


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