Increasing Business Success with the Law of Attraction, by Tracy Friend


Business Success with the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is an incredibly powerful system that can be harnessed to help people align with business success. You could utilise the Law of Attraction to help you attract new clients, increase sales, attract investors or to assist you in having new business ideas – indeed the Law of Attraction can be used to help you align with whatever you want.

The Law of Attraction approach states that whatever we are experiencing is a perfect, mirror image reflection of the thoughts that we are thinking.  Therefore in order to be successful we have to feel successful first, in order to be more abundant we have to feel more abundant first. It is important to note that this approach explains that it is our thoughts that create our experience and that our feelings are indicators of the extent to which our thoughts match what we are wanting in our lives. Therefore in order to feel abundant and successful it is necessary to practice thoughts that elicit those feelings.

It can perhaps sound overly simple and trite that when we feel happier we are more successful, but the Law of Attraction philosophy explains that it is a metaphysical principle that our thoughts exert a tangible impact on our outside environment.

There are also numerous examples of very successful people from all walks of life who dreamed big, even though others might have initially considered their ideas impossible, and who went on to experience the fulfilment of their dreams. By the time those people had created the things that were at one time considered ‘unrealistic’, others very quickly accepted those creations as ‘normal’ as now the physical evidence of their dreams existed.

As we are thinking all day every day in order to change our thinking, it is necessary to practice new thoughts consistently. The people that the Law of Attraction really works for are those that regularly practice the new positive thoughts that match what they want even in the initial apparent absence of positive manifestations.

Another key point with the Law of Attraction is that our only role is to maintain our focus on what it is that we want to experience and that we don’t have to know how things will unfold or who will be involved. The Law of Attraction explains that if we find the feeling place of the fulfilment of our end goal, that we will then attract to us the ways in which our dreams/desires can be fulfilled.

Often business people feel that they are already extremely busy and don’t have time to utilise the Law of Attraction techniques, however it really is a ‘false economy’ as there is a huge leverage in changing our focus. Positive single minded focus is significantly more powerful than wishy-washy thinking, it is like the power of sunlight being focused through a magnifying glass being able to light a fire.

The Law of Attraction can sound like a great idea but what I regularly get asked is ‘how can I put it into practice to improve the success of my business’? There are several key techniques that can be utilised to apply the Law of Attraction. Firstly, meditation is one of the most beneficial things people can do for themselves to increase their wellbeing and to move in the direction of their dreams. When we meditate we allow our natural frequency to rise which allows more of what we have asked for to flow into our experience.

A second powerful technique is appreciating how far you’ve already come in your business, and past successes and abundance that you’ve experienced. It is fascinating that the word ‘appreciate’ means ‘to recognise the value in something’- and it also means especially in financial settings ‘to increase.’ And indeed through practicing appreciation you will become more aware of the good that is already in your life and with a consistent attitude of appreciation, as what you focus on expands, you will very quickly see more positive things flowing into your life.

Thirdly, it is extremely beneficial to positively focus forward about the business success you would like to achieve and experience. Whilst positively focusing forward it is important to imagine that you are experiencing the success that you want now. It can be very helpful to ask yourself questions along the lines of ‘how would it feel if my business was thriving?’ or ‘how would it feel if my business was even more financially abundant?’

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