Keeping the Faith, by Tracy Friend


Keeping the Faith“Faith is taking the first step even if you don’t see the whole staircase.” Martin Luther King

Often when people first start applying the Law of Attraction techniques they experience a lot of synchronicities and manifestations of things that are wanted. However, what sometimes happens after that, is that for things that they perceive as more challenging in their life, they don’t see the physical evidence of what is wanted straightaway after changing their focus. Then a very frequent question that comes up is ‘how to keep the faith in the apparent absence of what is wanted’?

From a Law of Attraction perspective keeping the faith can be equated with keeping the focus of the mind on what it is that is wanted. What is great about this, is that it gives you a very practical way of how to accomplish keeping the faith. When you maintain your focus on what is wanted not only are you moving in the direction of your dreams, but you will also feel happier as when you focus on what you want this leads to more positive emotions.

The Law of Attraction explains that within every desire is the seed of its fulfilment. When you practice positive thoughts that match the essence of what you want it is like watering a seed and giving it sunlight and although you can’t initially see any changes, the seed is growing under the ground and in time the plant will appear above the soil.

As your thoughts begin to match more and more what you want, you may experience what can be labelled ‘drift wood’ evidence which is a positive manifestation that is in the direction of what you want but not yet the final manifestation. For instance if someone wanted to meet an ideal partner, they may notice that more people start smiling at them or speaking to them whilst their thoughts are coming into alignment, before actually meeting their ideal partner. By noticing and appreciating all of this drift wood evidence it can help you to feel more positive whilst you are in the process of allowing what you want to come into fruition. In relation to this you can also ask the universe to give you more signs that things are unfolding as you want them to.

Another powerful way to help you keep your faith is to remind yourself how far you’ve come on your journey and that there have been other things that you have wanted that at one time may not have seemed possible but that you did align with and then subsequently experience. You can also remind yourself that there have been other people who have been where you currently are and who have got to where they want to be.

It is also helpful to focus on all of the good that is already in your life. The other day it was raining and the sun was shining at the same time and someone walking past said “it’s like when there’s a challenge, there is still some love and peace within the situation”. When they said that it felt so accurate as within so many life experiences there is nearly always some good, if we take the time to look for it.

Through consistently practicing thoughts that feel good your consciousness will begin to shift and to attract more of what you want, like magnetising a piece of metal, it is still made of the same matter but the atoms are lined up in a different way and are displaying a different quality.


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One thought on “Keeping the Faith, by Tracy Friend

  1. I agree about the ‘driftwood’ part, I’ve noticed little things starting to appear and like you said it won’t manifest immediately, it will take time, but worth the wait.

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