Love and Appreciation Our Natural State of Being, by Tracy Friend


Love and Appreciation Our Natural State of Being“Love is the radiance and fragrance of knowing oneself, of being oneself.” Osho

The Law of Attraction explains that the true essence of who we are, or the source energy part of us is always in a state of love and appreciation. It also states that if we feel anything other than love and appreciation, it is only because we have learned some thoughts and beliefs that don’t match who we are and that all thoughts and beliefs can be changed.

Love may be considered that which connects the physical and the spiritual as when someone is feeling love what they want which exists energetically can manifest into physical form.

There really are infinite benefits of being in a state of love and appreciation as in this state you are open to universal assistance from source energy. These benefits of being in a state of love include there being a positive tangible influence exerted on the world around you as you elicit different things from the same people or situations than when you are not feeling love.

Moreover in a state of love and appreciation only things for which you will feel more love and appreciation can come to you and you are guided to things that will evoke within you a feeling of love and appreciation.

In addition in a state of love everything experienced through the physical senses is more enjoyable such as colours looking more vivid, sounds sounding clearer and more pleasing, and food tasting better.

There are several different Law of Attraction techniques that can be utilised to assist in tuning to the natural state of love and appreciation. These include remembering times that you felt love and appreciation, imagining how your life would feel and be with more love and appreciation in it and focusing on things that you love and appreciate about particular people or things in your current life. You can actually focus on anything that feels good to tune yourself to the frequency of love and appreciation, and the benefits will overflow into all areas of life.

You may also like to write a request to the Universe along the lines of “Please allow me to feel more love and appreciation”.

The more someone practices choosing to love and appreciate, the easier and easier it gets as they will begin to feel more love and appreciation and it will be increasingly reflected back to them in their life. Also, if they do experience a challenge if they have been practicing loving and appreciative thoughts, the challenge will transform more rapidly.

In addition as the Law of Attraction not only attracts experiences and people but also similar thoughts, the more we practice loving and appreciative thoughts the more we will have access to thoughts of that nature about our past, present and future.

For anyone who would like further assistance in transforming their thoughts to feel more love and appreciation, the Law of Attraction Centre has released the visualisation ‘Living in Love’. For more information please see:


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