Prayer and the Law of Attraction, by Tracy Friend


Prayer and the Law of Attraction“Your prayer causes you to focus, and the Law of Attraction causes everything in the Universe that’s in vibrational harmony with your focus to come to you.” Abraham-Hicks

Prayer from a Law of Attraction perspective can be understood in terms of focusing the mind on what is wanted. The Law of Attraction explains that in the moment that someone desires something that it is given in an energetic format or their prayer is answered. This includes things that have been wanted that may not have even been verbalised as the Law of Attraction states that what is wanted is created instantly in any moment that someone has a preference for something to be better or different, no matter how subtle that preference may be.

In order for people to receive what they have prayed for or wished for however, they do have to be in a mode of allowing or as many traditions would refer to it ‘have faith’. You can tell whether you are in a mode of allowing by whether you have a feeling of positive expectancy and trust or not.

The Law of Attraction is an extremely useful system as it provides techniques to help people shift their beliefs to get more into a mode of allowing in which they trust that what they have asked for has been given. Writing is a particularly powerful form of focusing and the Law of Attraction technique, the Universe List can be used as a form of prayer. On this list if you write anything that you would like to be, do or have in your life. For example someone might write “allow me to feel more love and appreciation” or “bring me inspiration”. This list works not by informing the universe what you want as the universe is already aware of everything that you have ever asked for but rather it works by you focusing on what is wanted which activates the law of Attraction and allows it to begin to bring you more of what you have asked for. In addition, sometimes when people write what they want or what they would like assistance with they relax and release resistance as they trust more that the universe is helping them which allows the universe to help them in a more effective manner.

The Universe List can also be utilised to pray for others. As an example someone may write “allow Sue to feel more happiness”. The Law of Attraction states that focusing positively on other people from a place of alignment can be incredibly powerful and as thought operates on the level of non-physical energy it is powerful whether they are in close proximity or living in a completely different location. An important point with regard to focusing on other people is that we can only influence them in the direction of their own dreams and desires.

Finally, it is extremely beneficial to practice noticing when your prayers have been answered or when what you have asked for has been given. One way to do this is the Appreciation Process in which you write down everything good that has happened and everything good that is already in your life. By appreciating, you keep yourself in a receptive mode of allowing and feel happier as you notice how much the universe is assisting you.

For anyone who is interested the Law of Attraction Centre has released an online course entitled “Living the Law of Attraction” which is focused on teaching you how to practically utilise the Law of Attraction to enhance wellbeing and bring you dreams and desires into fruition. For more information please see:


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