Relax, release and let go (part 2). By Michael James


Relax, release and let go part 2

For us to truly let go and begin relinquishing our control, we must have trust in a power beyond ourselves. This is not to deny our own power- for this power is part of us; it is our higher self. Some call this energy our guardian angel – others speak of spirit guides. Some trust in the saints or the ascended masters. How we choose to communicate with this energy is not important; but to know it exists is vital for us to let go. Otherwise we may fear that our life will fall apart with no one running it. You are loved and you are constantly guided; letting go allows you to get in touch with this intuition; your gut feeling. Letting go lets in the assistance – because there is a whole host of Universal forces to help you out in life. And it is in your relaxing, releasing and letting go that you allow this help in.

For those of us who are very logical or analytical or strong-willed, I suggest asking more often for help through prayer. Prayer is simply handing you wants and desires over to the Divine, be it relationships, prosperity of all kinds or healing. It is ok to ask for what you want- You are not alone and you do not have to struggle alone. Ask- and then let go knowing that “it is done”. Ask and let go. Ask and then relax and release

When I realised that I didn’t have to run life all on my own, a huge weight dropped off me. My taking responsibility for everyone and everything (which of course was not working) fell away, only to be replaced by a grounding sense of peace and trust. Effective solutions appeared in my life in ways I had previously not conceived of. The vastness of the Universe far exceeds my limited thinking and it is reassuring to know this! This is how I live my life now. Relaxing, releasing and letting go; less controlling and less trying to figure things out. Often, what I once perceived as a problem is revealed to be a blessing in disguise. Life is truly amazing – and a lot simpler – when you get out of the way and allow it to be.

So how do we let go? For many of us who have made struggle a part of our lives, letting go can be a new skill to practice. The first step is simply to decide to let go. Battling with thoughts will get us nowhere- and we will simply activate these thoughts even more so. You cannot erase a thought by wrestling it and resisting it. A gentle willingness to release, thanking our thoughts for doing their thing and then allowing them to drift away is what we can do to lovingly let them go.

Listening to music, doing exercise or dancing (which increases breath flow- relaxing us and allowing our cells to be energised) are all ways we can relax, release and let go. Daily meditation is the best technique I know of to encourage a calm, allowing mind (see my previous articles on meditation). Spending time with uplifting friends or doing anything that feels good and soothes us are other ways to uplift and distract us into our feeling of relaxation. Once we have got ourselves out of the way, Life can now work on a solution.

Finally- and most importantly- have patience with yourself and with Life. Letting go takes everyday practice- so give Life the chance to respond. Be kind to yourself and be sure to be light and easy about it. I remember reading that in the account of Jesus, there were three full days between his crucifixion and the resurrection. Whether this is real or metaphor is irrelevant- the point being that the “happy outcome” did not happen immediately. When experiencing problems, allow time for a solution to appear. Do whatever it takes in the interim to relax, release, let go and trust. I assure you that a solution will be there- often in a surprising way that you hadn’t even thought of. And in this solution, life will be even better than it has been and your faith will have increased in the process.


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