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Michael James is an uplifting author, speaker and in-demand ‘life coach’ who teaches self-empowering techniques which allow people to live their best life. He has written the book Lighthouse and released the audio Relax, Release and Let Go. He also offers one to one coaching. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Google Plus | Instagram | Pinterest
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Michael James

Secrets of Abundance – Manifest your Ideal Life, by Michael James

The word manifest literally means to reveal. In my workshop Secrets of Abundance: Create Success with the Law of Attraction happening on Sunday 3rd November as part of the Mind Body Spirit Festival (Birmingham NEC) – you will learn how to reveal your ideal life that waits for you right in this moment; practical teachings for more wealth, health and […]

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Five Essential Daily Practices for 2019, by Michael James

TUNE IN Beginning the day with what most people call “meditation” is key for me. Meditation simply means focusing on something that doesn’t get you into thoughts. After a while the process tunes me in and anchors me. Like sleep, it’s a process that happens to you rather than one you make happen. What I’ve […]

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A New Year's Resolution

A New Year’s Resolution: Create Your Best Year Yet, by Michael James

The word “resolution” is from the word “resolute”, which means with certainty. And yet many people see their New Year’s resolutions as a “maybe”. The secret to living the life you want whether it’s Personal Development, learning a sport, a new art, or any skill – it’s always the same: (1) find a practice that […]

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Manifestation & The Power of the Present Moment

Manifestation & The Power of the Present Moment, by Michael James

Do we live in the now – or work on manifesting a dream future? Creating your reality Popular books like Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and other ‘non-duality’ teachings (such as ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie) suggest that this moment is all there is – and teach us to be fully present with it. […]

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Enjoying the journey, by Michael James

There can be a tendency to get frustrated with where you are whilst waiting for what you want to manifest. You can also begin to wonder if you’re doing something wrong- or negatively compare where you are to where other people are. This is self-criticism and keeps you feeling stuck. Where you are is temporary- […]

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autumn leaves, very shallow focus

Accepting where you are 2 (It’s all good), by Michael James

“One of the things people are afraid of- they’re afraid that if they start admitting that there are things about where they are that they like, the Universe will say: ‘oh never mind, she’s satisfied now- leave her there’. Nothing like that will happen because your Vibrational Escrow is full of all the new stuff […]

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Accepting where you are

Accepting where you are (A prequel to Telling a new story), by Michael James

“Hear this, it’s the most powerful thing that we’ve said to you ever: Until you have made peace with where you are you cannot float downstream. Until where you are even in the absence of everything you want is alright with you, you cannot turn in the direction of what you want.” Abraham You are […]

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Co-creating our reality

Co-creating our reality, by Michael James

The idea of creating our own reality can be empowering yet daunting. Empowering, because it allows us to realise that we are not powerless beings buffeted about by a random Universe, but daunting because we may think we have to do it all ourselves. But we don’t. We are not alone in all of this. […]

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Telling a new story, romantic relationships

Telling a new story: romantic relationships, by Michael James

Once you have identified an old story, you want to immediately say ‘now I know what it is I don’t want- what is it that I do want?’ and begin telling your new story. Many people talk endlessly about what they don’t want, seemingly unaware of how this is blocking their good from coming to […]

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Telling a New Story II

Telling a new story (part 2), by Michael James

“Each and every component that makes up your life experience is drawn to you by the powerful Law of Attraction’s response to the thoughts you think and the story you tell about your life.” Abraham Once you achieve a vibrational shift on a subject (i.e. a sustained feeling of relief) you have created a thought […]

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Telling a new story, by Michael James

Our life is how it is because of the story we tell. Whatever is happening to us- the fulfilling relationships (or lack of them), our bank account, the way we look and feel- everything– is about the story we are thinking and speaking (by ’story’ I mean our thoughts and beliefs; the stream of opinions […]

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Relax, release and let go part 2

Relax, release and let go (part 2). By Michael James

For us to truly let go and begin relinquishing our control, we must have trust in a power beyond ourselves. This is not to deny our own power- for this power is part of us; it is our higher self. Some call this energy guardian angel- others speak of spirit guides. Some trust in the […]

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Relax, release and let go

Relax, release and let go. By Michael James

I used to constantly use the analytical part of my mind in my career as a journalist; finding statistics and other information, collating this, sorting that and offering my opinions. When I discovered the Law of Attraction teachings, I took this over-thinking into the realm of spiritual practice. My new questions were “Which technique do […]

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Being true to yourself

Being true to yourself, by Michael James

“This above all: to thine own self be true” William Shakespeare Pretending to be someone different from who you really are may fool some people for a short time; but it won’t fool the Universe and it doesn’t serve you. We may do this because we think that the ‘real us’ is not good enough- […]

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A constant work in progress

A constant work in progress, by Michael James

Unlike a finished piece of art- be it a sculpture or a painting- you are never finished. You are constantly becoming and constantly changing. So no matter where you are now- you can move to anywhere or anything you want. Life can and will get better. And the joy you are looking for is in […]

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A guided visualisation

A guided visualisation, by Michael James

Using a guided visualisation can be an effective way to focus the mind and balance the body. It can also be a good way to learn how to meditate, being easier than going immediately into silence. Doing a guided visualitation means to follow a short script to gently focus the mind whilst in a relaxed […]

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Committing to change

Committing to change, by Michael James

We may have been criticised by parents or teachers in the early part of our lives and often this becomes our own habit which affects us even today. We end up thinking we are not good enough or there is something wrong with us and many areas of our life can suffer. But all ‘that […]

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Meditation, Let go and go with the flow

Meditation: Let go and go with the flow, by Michael James

“Refuse to let go and you are a person drowning; the more you struggle, the faster you sink.” George Ohsawa Meditation allows you to let go of the struggle with unwanted negative thoughts. Regular practice will not only allow you peace in the moment, but it will literally re-condition your mind to be less inclined […]

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Wishful thinking or true manifestation

Wishful thinking or true manifestation? By Michael James

There are teachings out there that tell you that if you close your eyes, think of a Ferrari and then open your eyes, it will be there. Technically, this is along the right lines. But manifestation is not wishful thinking. And although working with the Law of Attraction is simple in theory it is not […]

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Creating positive thought habits

Creating positive thought habits, by Michael James

Negative thinking patterns like worry or fear can be very intrusive and even addictive. An undisciplined mind can run wild, but it is reassuring to know that it can be calmed and focused and become our best friend. Many people feel that their mind is in control of them but it needn’t be that way; […]

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