Staying Inspired on the Spiritual Path, by Tracy Friend


Staying Inspired on the Spiritual Path“Be a lamp unto yourself.” Buddha

The word “Inspiration” comes from the Latin inspirare, meaning ‘to infuse with spirit’ or ‘to breathe life upon something’. From a Law of Attraction understanding we are infused with spirit when we are in alignment with the broader, source energy part of ourselves.

As inspiration comes through being connected to this source part of ourselves, the easiest way to stay inspired on the spiritual path is to regularly do techniques that assist in having that connection. Whilst doing the techniques regularly does take a certain amount of mental effort, it results in less action effort being required in life and in the actions that are taken being more productive. It also reduces the amount of mental energy that is expended in trying to think about and deal with things from a place of less alignment. Doing the practices regularly may feel like a sort of discipline however from my experience this small amount of discipline results in huge emotional freedom.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Roosevelt.
What really appealed to me when I first became aware of the Law of Attraction, was that it was very simple in both theory and practice, and that anyone, anywhere had the necessary resources to implement it and stay inspired, with these necessary resources being their mind and how they choose to focus it.

There are several different factors and techniques that can help with staying inspired on the spiritual path. For many people it is easier to do the Law of Attraction exercises first thing in the morning when the mind is in a state more conducive to focusing positively as they have had fewer thoughts about other things. Creating an area in our home that we use for doing the practices can also help in doing them regularly as we begin to associate that area with our practice.

For assistance in staying inspired in doing the Law of Attraction techniques it can also be beneficial to make a request to the universe along the lines of: ‘Please inspire me to do my spiritual practice’.

Another powerful way to stay inspired on your spiritual journey is to list all of the times when you have felt inspired and all of the positive changes that have occurred that you attribute to your spiritual practice, as through listing them you will feel more inspired.

Interestingly, there are two opposite occasions when it is still very powerful to maintain spiritual practice. Firstly, when things are going well by maintaining our practice we keep our positive focus which builds positive momentum and provides the resources to effectively move through life. Secondly, it is beneficial to maintain our practice if any challenges come up. In certain challenges the mind may try to convince us that we haven’t got time to do the practices or that the practices won’t work for this particular thing however from a Law of Attraction perspective there is nothing that cannot be changed by changing our thinking.

It can also be beneficial to read or listen to inspirational material although it is helpful to balance this less active process with actual spiritual practices.

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