Using the Law of Attraction to Positively Influence Others, by Tracy Friend


“One of the best gifts we can give someone is to believe in them.” Tracy Friend

The Law of Attraction explains that you can positively influence others in the direction of their dreams and what they want. Whilst the Law of Attraction says that source energy or the universe is always aware of everyone sometimes there can be an added power with a physically focused human shining a positive spotlight on someone.

There can be huge leverage in focusing on others as if someone is in the middle of a particular experience it may be more challenging for them to take their attention off of their current reality, however someone else not in that situation may very well be able to focus more easily on what they want from a place of alignment.

Several of the Law of Attraction techniques that people use for aligning with their own dreams and desires can also be utilised to positively influence others. The work really is about you changing your beliefs so that you believe that they can experience what they want. Also, as thought operates in a non-physical manner it is not important whether you vocalise your belief in someone or not, only that you practice thoughts that match what they want. In addition it doesn’t matter where they are physically located, the benefit of positive focus is equal whether they are in close physical proximity to you or not.

Firstly it can be helpful to remind yourself that whatever someone has asked for has been given, that you don’t have to know how it will come about and that everyone is pure positive energy with infinite potential at their core.

In terms of techniques to positively influence others if you are wanting to help someone increase their wellbeing or self appreciation it can be beneficial to make a written list of their positive qualities and times that you remember them being particularly happy. If you wish to help them align with a particular desire that they have you could make a list of times when they have had experiences that match the essence of their desire.

Another method that can be used to assist others is to write requests to the universe on their behalf such as “Allow Sue to feel happier” or “Bring John his ideal partner”. These written requests can be beneficial as when you write them you harness the power of the Law of Attraction through your focus and intention on what the person would like.

Finally, it is powerful to practice a vision of someone experiencing what they want. This vision could be a scene of them telling them you that they have experienced what they desire and you could imagine how they would tell you that and what you would see in the scene, ideally making the scene as vivid as possible.

An added benefit is that when you practice seeing the potential of others and the best in them is that you feel good as you are seeing them as your inner being sees them.


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