Creating a Wonderful Year, by Tracy Friend


“A new year is unfolding like a blossom with petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within.” Unknown

Whilst you can decide to positively transform your life at any time, the start of a new year is often a great time to set new intentions and to have a new beginning.

The Law of Attraction explains that everything you’ve ever asked for already exists in an energetic format, therefore your ideal year (to the extent that you’ve already wished for it) exists energetically. It has been said that it takes 21 days to make a new habit and from a Law of Attraction perspective the most important habits that you can make are changing your beliefs to match what you want. As you align your thoughts to match the year that you would like to experience, it will manifest.

Since the fastest way to get from where you are to where you want to be is to make the best of where you are a great exercise is to make a written list of the best things that happened in 2012/the best aspects of 2012. This list could include things that you may perceive as small or big. You might like to split your list of good things that happened into different areas of your life such as:

   •  My Spiritual Journey
   •  Relationships
   •  Career
   •  Hobbies/Creative Interests/Travel
   •  Other Good Aspects of 2012

Focusing subjectively on the best things that happened during the last year will help you to appreciate how far you’ve come on your journey, to see all the good that is already in your life and it will put you into a receptive mode of allowing more of what you want to flow into your life.

It would also be helpful to write down around six key things that you would like to experience this year. You may like to write one thing for each of the following six areas:

    •  Your Spiritual Journey/How You Would Ideally Like To Feel
    •  Relationships
    •  Career
    •  Hobbies/Creative Interests/Travel
    •  Physical Body
    •  Abundance

If you go into as much detail as you have so far clarified about how you would like all of the areas to be, describing what you want as if you are experiencing it now, making the descriptions as vivid as possible and ideally incorporating all of your senses into the description (i.e. what you can see, what you can hear and so forth..) In addition if you include in your descriptions ‘why’ you would like each of the things that you have written as when you focus on the reasons that you want things it significantly strengthens your point of attraction.

With the key desires that you have come up with it would be very powerful to keep them somewhere that you can read them regularly and to ideally visualise them every day, imagining how it would feel if you were experiencing the fulfilment of them now, in the present tense. You may also like to make a Vision Board with images and statements that match what you have identified that you would like to experience this year, to help bring your ideal year to life further.

Finally, it would be beneficial if inspired to write down what techniques you may commit to doing regularly this year, ideally on a daily basis, to help you align with your New Year desires and to also think about how you may be able to incorporate those techniques into your daily life.

The Aristotle quote ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.’ perfectly explains how by beginning from wherever you are to consistently think more about what you want will build momentum and that your continued positive focus will start to be reflected back to you with more things that you want coming into your life.

If you would like further assistance in creating your ideal year, the Law of Attraction Centre offers coaching packages designed to do more progressive work of going deeper with the Law of Attraction. For further information please see:


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