Being a Creator (rather than a Reactor), by Tracy Friend


Being a Creator“What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now.” Buddha

Not only can the word reactivity be transformed into creativity, as reactivity is an anagram of creativity but also in every situation you have a choice about whether to create or react.

Epictetus stated that “It’s not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters” and this makes perfect sense from a Law of Attraction perspective. When people experience challenges it can be natural and often appear very justified to react to them and to think about them. However, the Law of Attraction explains that this does not serve them as it keeps them in the same pattern of thinking which will only attract to them more of the same.

There are two main types of positive, creative solutions to challenges. Firstly, it is extremely powerful to look for the good in any challenges as this begins to free you from them and stops any momentum of thinking that is in an unwanted direction. You can ask yourself ‘What is the good in this situation?’ The good may just be that it helped you to clarify what it is that you do want with a stronger intensity. Other good that can come from challenges includes that they can give you the opportunity to become more deliberate and practised in your focusing.

Secondly, whilst it is good to take care of whatever practical details need to be taken care of in any challenging situations, beyond that there is huge leverage in as soon as possible turning your attention on to what it is that you do want to experience. You can ask yourself ‘What is it that I now want?’ and then begin utilising the power of your imagination to focus on that. By focusing in this creative way situations are transformed, new possibilities open up and anything unwanted begins to diffuse as focus is taken off of it.

It is also very helpful to start your day creatively by taking the time to focus on how you would like your day to go and how you would like to feel. This sets your tone out in advance and gives the universe the opportunity to begin to line things up that will be pleasing to you.

When people are fairly new to practicing the Law of Attraction it can sometimes seem easier to react in a more passive way to certain situations rather than to actively focus on what is wanted as there may be a pattern of thinking in a particular direction. However, with a little practice of deliberately focusing on what is wanted it does get easier and easier and they begin to increasingly feel their power as they see their lives shifting in response to their change of thinking.


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