Keeping Your Dreams Alive, by Tracy Friend


Keeping Your Dreams Alive“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” Napoleon Hill

Through the Law of Attraction in the moment that you have a dream or wish, what you want is automatically created in an energetic format. There are therefore really no limits to what dreams can be fulfilled as everything you’ve ever dreamt of already exists energetically.

The value of someone keeping their dreams alive through focusing on them is that as they keep their dreams active in their mind, they summon energy with starts to bring them into fruition and they feel more exhilarated and excited about life.

I remember visiting Los Angeles a few times and feeling completely captivated by it and wondering why it was that I loved it so much. I realised that what I loved about it was that it felt so alive to me. Perhaps this can be explained by the fact that so many people go there with a dream. It really did feel like the ‘City of Dreams’ where there was a prevailing belief that anything is possible.

To help you keep your dreams alive it can be very beneficial to create a dream journal in which you write down all of your dreams, hopes, ideas and inspirations. This could include dreams of who you want to become, what you want to experience, an ideal relationship, absolutely anything… It is good to then look at the journal fairly regularly and to add to it whenever you have any new ideas or dreams. This will keep your dreams active in your mind and begin drawing things to you that match your dreams.

A further technique which is similar to the dream journal is a dream box in which you can place anything that matches the essence of your dreams such as thoughts, ideas, drawings and pictures about your dreams. The outside of dream boxes can also be decorated and whilst this isn’t necessary it can make the box feel more special.

Another powerful technique is to write a script in which you describe yourself living your dreams, writing in the present tense as if you are living your dreams now. Some people also like to record themselves reading their script and to listen to it regularly.

Finally, it is powerful to be pay attention to any evidence that begins to show up that matches your dreams as this will assist you in knowing that your dreams are coming true. However, it is also good to not check too soon about whether your dreams have manifested as the majority of creation is finished before there is any physical evidence so very often things are beginning to shift energetically before changes are observable.

For anyone who is interested the Law of Attraction Centre has created several visualisation recordings to assist people in staying focused on their dreams, including the ‘Creating a Wonderful Life Visualisation’. For more information please see:


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