Being true to yourself, by Michael James


Being true to yourself

“This above all: to thine own self be true” William Shakespeare

Pretending to be someone different from who you really are may fool some people for a short time; but it won’t fool the Universe and it doesn’t serve you. We may do this because we think that the “real us” is not good enough- but this is not true. We are not only good enough, but perfect exactly as we are.

Being true to yourself and having integrity is a wonderful gift to yourself. Integrity means “being whole and complete”. When you are whole and complete, you are empowered. And so keeping your word was never about keeping someone else’s rules to make them happy; It is keeping true to your own beliefs so that you can be happy. The Universe doesn’t see your “act” or see the mask you hold up for the world. The Universe sees only the real you and loves you as you are. So you could bring the real you in integrity with the face that you show to other people. And your life will be a lot more successful in all ways because of it.

“I am who I am and that is that” Guru Singh

People who are true to themselves are very attractive. Think of those in the public eye that crowds go wild for; the ones we say have charisma. What do they all have in common? They are all authentic people who know who they are and are not afraid of what others think. They have integrity because they confidently speak their truth.

Our heroes are not people pleasers trying to look good or polite or nice. Our heroes are the ones who are powerfully being themselves. They mean what they say and they say what they mean. When they are angry, they show it. They do not put on a smile to impress you; they smile because they are happy. They have no need to lie, because they are unafraid of what you think anyway! That is the way we all were before we got conditioned by people who wanted us to behave a certain way.

“What you think of me is none of my business” Terry Cole Whittaker

Being authentic means being open; there are no secrets and nothing is fearfully hidden. Being yourself doesn’t mean forcing your opinions on other people. You can love yourself and be who you are and let others to be as they are (no matter what they think of you).

I suggest if someone asks you why you are this, that or the other all you need to calmly say to them is: “Because I am who I am and that is that”. You owe no other person an explanation or justification of who you are. You are loved by the Creator, exactly as you are. In fact the core of your being is love and nothing that you can do can disconnect from that love.

Perhaps it is about time you emerged from the shadows and admitted to yourself and the world how perfect, whole and complete you are, as you are.


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