A constant work in progress, by Michael James


A constant work in progressUnlike a finished piece of art – be it a sculpture or a painting – you are never finished. You are constantly becoming and constantly changing. So no matter where you are now – you can change for the better. Life can and will get better. And the joy you are looking for is in the journey to that “better”.

In every moment we have a choice – to choose to appreciate – or to choose to go into thoughts. Thought habits can be initially compelling, but we can gradually let them go.

I know that horrid feeling of judging myself as “permanently stuck” when things weren’t going well. I would also worry about where my life was heading and what might happen. The truth is there is nothing permanently stuck or fixed. Wherever we are is the perfect place to begin moving from, to wherever we want to be. Sometimes we may begin our changes instantly and other times we may need some time before we change, and that’s ok too.

Your physical body is not finished. It doesn’t matter how unpopular you were in high school or even yesterday. You can begin to journey along to the perfect well being, youthful and beautiful looks anytime you choose. Your relationship status or job situation is not fixed either, regardless of where it is now. Nothing is fixed. Isn’t that relaxing to hear? Even if you “mess up your life” (in your words) – you can always get it back on track. And the life experience in this temporary detour is hugely beneficial, as it has created a fantastic possibility for you, far greater than if you hadn’t.

We are a work in progress. Rather than see our life as a list of goals always a little out of reach, if we focus on being a constantly unfolding masterpiece and accept ourselves right here and right now, life is more satisfying and more enjoyable.


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Michael James is an uplifting author, speaker and in-demand ‘life coach’ who teaches self-empowering techniques which allow people to live their best life. He has written the book Lighthouse and released the audio Relax, Release and Let Go. He also offers one to one coaching. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Google Plus | Instagram | Pinterest

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