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Co-Creating“You are not just the drop in the ocean. You are the mighty ocean in the drop.” Rumi

I love that quote by the Persian poet Rumi as it describes how every single person is an integral part of and has access to the bigger whole or infinite intelligence. In relation to this the Law of Attraction explains that all creation is actually co-creation, with creation being the result of the interplay between physically focused humans and non-physical, divine, loving intelligence.

Whilst it may seem unusual to think that you are co-creating with something else, according to the Law of Attraction it can also be understood in terms of co-creating with the broader, non-physical part of yourself.

It is beneficial to be aware of this co-creative relationship for several reasons. Firstly, being aware of it can assist you in remembering that you are never on your own even if it at times it may feel that way. There is always this broader non-physical, loving energy that is aware of you and wanting to bring all off your dreams and desires into fruition. I remember speaking to Abraham-Hicks several years ago and them saying about all humans “that if you had any idea of the number of non-physical energies aware of you and wanting to assist you in any moment, you would complain about nothing ever again.”

Another reason why it is helpful to be aware of this co-creative relationship with source energy is so that you can learn how to enhance this relationship. When I consciously began on my spiritual path around twelve years ago I frequently came across ideas such as working with the infinite, source being able to assist people and that with source anything is possible and whilst these ideas resonated with me and felt true, what I didn’t know was how to experience that. When I discovered the Law of Attraction what I loved about it was that it provided a very simple and practical framework in which to begin to develop this co-creative relationship and through regularly practising some of the Law of Attraction techniques I very quickly began to see positive results.

As source or infinite intelligence operates on the frequency of pure positive energy and source won’t change its frequency to match us, in order to benefit more from this relationship we have to change our frequency to match the frequency of source and this is when the infinite possibilities open up. There are several different methods that can be utilised to change your frequency and thereby enhance this relationship. Firstly, regularly practising appreciation is a very effective way to raise your frequency. Not only does practicing appreciation feel good but it also helps to put you into a mode of allowing in which you can more easily receive guidance and what is wanted from the universe. Meditation is another brilliant method of enhancing the co-creative relationship as it distracts the mind from any contradictory thoughts which allows your frequency to rise.

An important aspect of co-creation is that you don’t have to know ‘how’ what you want will come to you or ‘who’ will bring it as source takes care of that, you simply have to do your part of as best as you can leaning in a positive direction with your thinking which sets up the favourable conditions for the Law of Attraction to begin to bring you what is wanted. Co-creation at its best can be conceptualised as a perfectly synchronised dance with both the physical and non-physical elements harmoniously performing their own unique roles.

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