Enhancing Wellbeing with the Law of Attraction, by Tracy Friend


Enhancing Wellbeing with the Law of Attraction“Happiness depends upon ourselves.” Aristotle

The Law of Attraction is an extremely powerful system that can be utilised to enhance wellbeing. The Law of Attraction states that everyone’s true essence is one of wellbeing. An analogy that I love is that the sun is always shining even if it is hidden behind a cloud.

If someone is feeling anything less than positive emotion it is only because they have picked up some contradictory beliefs and the good news is that those beliefs can be changed. Through practising better feeling thoughts that match the truth of who you are, you will ‘clean up’ any opposing thoughts and your natural state of wellbeing will be revealed. Going back to the sun analogy it is like the clouds clearing to allow the sun’s brilliance to shine through.

I was talking to someone recently and they said to me ‘so you’re a glass half full person’ and I momentarily paused and thought about it and then answered ‘yes’ but added that based on my understanding of the Law of Attraction that when we look for the best in situations we also elicit more good from those situations. So I didn’t feel that the purpose of positive thinking was only to feel happier about our current reality but rather that there are two benefits: you feel happier now and more good can flow to you.

You can begin from wherever you are to lean in a more positive direction with your thinking. By focusing positively you will carve out new patterns of thinking that will start to become your proclivity so that when particular subjects come up, your mind naturally goes in a positive direction. You will also cultivate wellbeing, like making regular investments into an account your wellbeing will begin to increase. Another advantage that people experience when they do the Law of Attraction practises regularly is that they become more adept at quickly moving through any challenges that come up.

As the Law of Attraction explains that the optimum state of being is one in which you are relaxed, happy with your current reality and have a positive view of your future it is very valuable to do three different types of techniques that are focused on each of these areas. Firstly, meditation is extremely beneficial to assist you in relaxing and gives you greater access to the broader part of who you are which is always in a state of wellbeing.

Secondly, the appreciation journal is a powerful tool to enhance wellbeing. To do this practice it can be nice to get a notebook that you use just for writing lists of appreciation. You can include on your list things that you love, appreciate and that you are inspired by. It is also very helpful to include on the list all of the times that you do remember feeling wellbeing as by focusing on those times you will increase your frequency of feeling wellbeing.

Finally, you can enhance your wellbeing by spending some time visualising things that you would like to experience or have in your life. In order to visualise if you suspend your current beliefs and imagine that you are now experiencing whatever it is that you would like.

For anyone who would like further inspiration on how to enhance wellbeing, Michael James has published the book ‘The Power of Feeling Good: Putting the Law of Attraction into Everyday Practice’. For more information please see: https://www.lawofattractioncentre.com/power-of-feeling-good/


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