Committing to change, by Michael James


Committing to change

We may have been criticised by parents or teachers in the early part of our lives and often this becomes our own habit which affects us even today. We end up thinking we are not good enough or there is something wrong with us and many areas of our life can suffer.

Now, it is us who has the choice of how to treat ourselves. Today is a new moment and we can begin to change the way we think – and begin to be kinder to ourselves. Now is the perfect moment to commit to change.

Fortunately, negative life experience brings with it huge benefits. The experience allows us to become far more focused, expanded and potential-filled. That is why you hear many true stories of people who were brought up in poverty yet become incredibly wealthy, or people who come from abuse and end up surrounded by so much love. Negative events can be a springboard to a fantastic life. It doesn’t have to trap us with a “this is the way things are” attitude. Painful childhoods can lead to a life of expanded insight rather than bitterness and we can take the experience, leaving the painful memories far behind.

Those old childhood thought habits may try to drag you back and you may find it challenging to keep up with your beneficial daily practices, such as meditation or a list of gratitude. You may be thinking “what’s the use?” and want to give up.

A new habit takes time to establish. As I said in my last blog, improving your life experience is not always an immediate two-step process; it is a new lifestyle choice and requires a commitment to change rather than a “so-so” approach.

Like beginning any new routine- we may stumble, but we get back up and move on; We keep going!

Today is a new day and it is nice to know that anytime you want you can begin the commitment to change your life for the better.


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