A guided visualisation, by Michael James


A guided visualisation

Using a guided visualisation can be an effective way to focus the mind and balance the body. Doing a guided visualitation means to follow a short script to gently focus the mind whilst in a relaxed state. I would like to share a current favourite, which I find to be both relaxing and rejuvenating.

Read through the words below and take whatever appeals to you into your own practice. You may even want to record yourself reading these words and play them back as you begin. These words serve as a guide for you to create your own images and are the perfect way to enter into a silent meditation. After you are “in” the visualisation, you can stay in the silence for as long as you feel comfortable.

Sit on a cushion or in a comfortable chair in a room where you can be away from distractions for at least fifteen minutes. You can set a timer for however long you decide. Close your eyes and then begin…

The golden healing room

You begin walking down a stone spiral staircase. The staircase is well lit and welcoming; ferns and plants grow across the castle-like walls by the sides of you. The humid scent of plants and earthy nature fills the air. You reach the base of the steps and see an oak door in front of you. You push the door and walk into a peaceful, silent and inviting room. This is your own private sanctuary.

The walls and the ceiling have been painted in various shades of gold. Clear quartz crystals are attached to the ceiling by silver cords, like raindrops. A large red cushion is on the floor, which you walk towards and sit upon. You sink into the comfort of the cushion beneath you. It feels wonderful.

As you relax and close your eyes, golden rays emanate from the walls, the ceiling and the floor and bathe your body in warm golden light. Sunbeams radiate through the large windows, adding to the rejuvenating beams of golden light. You feel your body relax as you sink deeper into the soft cushion.

The sunbeams and the golden rays catch the crystals and shimmer rainbow light across the room and across your body. A gentle breeze blows through the window and causes the crystals to sway and ring together like windchimes.

Relax in the golden energy as it fills the room and bathes your body. Relax and focus on this golden light energy. Let go of thoughts as you focus on the golden light…

When you are ready, feeling refreshed and relaxed, see yourself standing and leaving the golden sanctuary prepared for another time. You walk out the room and up the spiral staircase and out into the world beyond, ready for new uplifting experiences.

Whenever you want, you can sit down, close your eyes and – in your mind’s eye – descend the inviting stone staircase and return to your golden healing room.


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