Seeing the World Through the Eyes of Source, by Tracy Friend


Seeing the world through the eyes of source“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

A key Law of Attraction concept is that what someone notices and sees is dependent upon their belief system. It can be thought of in terms of their beliefs creating a lens that filters how they perceive the world. When someone’s beliefs are in alignment with who they really are more of the depth, beauty and value of life is seen and it may be described as ‘seeing the world through the eyes of source’.

Interestingly, in a state of alignment not only is the world perceived more positively, but this positive view also elicits positive things from whatever is being perceived. Abraham-Hicks have stated that “You could be 100 people walking down the same street in the same city at the same time, having 100 different experiences because your point of attraction varies enough that what you are soliciting from this, what seems to be reality…”

Through changing the way things are seen the situations or experiences will change. Several different Law of Attraction techniques can be utilised to help cultivate seeing the world through the eyes of source.

Meditation is a very powerful tool as it clears the mind which assists people in seeing more of the truth and good in situations.

Practising appreciation can also help people to see more from source’s perspective. An important point is that it’s not about being overly positive as the Law of Attraction explains that everyone is pure positive energy at their core so by practising appreciative thoughts they are actually aligning with the true essence of who they are.

In addition if there is a particular situation in which you wish to feel more positive it may be helpful to write questions to the universe such as:

– “How does my inner being see this experience?”


– “Please help me to see this situation through the eyes of source.”

When people start doing the Law of Attraction techniques it can sometimes take practising them for a little while to see things more positively however over time as their beliefs change to match who they really are, the positive thinking will become more effortless and automatic. People then often report that it feels like their mind is naturally guiding them to focus on more positive things.

For anyone who would like further assistance in focusing more positively, the Law of Attraction Centre has released the visualisation ‘Living in Love’ which has been designed to assist you in living more consistently in a state of love and appreciation. For more information please see:


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