Going Deeper with Meditation, by Tracy Friend


Going Deeper with Meditation“Meditativeness is simply a deep receptivity, a readiness, an open door.” Osho

Meditation is a progressive practice that changes and evolves over time. It is a unique state of relaxation and focus which is different to the states of being asleep or engaged in an activity.

Whilst, there are many different approaches to meditation what they all seem to have in common is an object of focus which is sometimes referred to as an ‘anchor.’ This object of focus is simple in nature such as focusing on the breathing or on a mantra and indeed the object may even be as simple as just being aware of and observing any thoughts, feelings and sensations as they arise. This gives the mind something to focus on but because it is a simple point of focus it is not something that we usually have lots of thoughts about. The chosen object of attention may be conceptualised as a framework that develops single-minded focus, calms and steadies the mind and through which the meditator can go into deeper levels of relaxation, connection and possibility.

People sometimes think that their meditation isn’t working if their mind wanders and that they’ve got to meditate perfectly. However, actually taking the time to meditate with the basic guidelines highlighted above is enough. In my own meditation practice and in working with people who have adopted a regular meditation practice I have observed that no matter how much the mind may wander when someone begins meditating that if they maintain a regular practice, they will move through this phase and the mind will quiet.

There is a Taoist term ‘wu wei’ which means action through inaction which I feel provides a very good description of what meditation is and what it does. The effects of meditation are incredibly powerful as in this state of inaction or ‘being’ we vibrate at a higher frequency in greater alignment with source energy where there are infinite possibilities.

Furthermore, meditation assists in getting in to a state of allowing which means non-resistance. Therefore people feel happier, have more energy and things that they have asked for begin to flow more readily into their experience.

Meditation also re-syncs us up with who we really are. From this place of being more connected with the true essence of ourselves there is a greater knowing that life is unfolding in a positive way and we begin to understand things on increasingly deeper levels. Meditation also helps to create a feeling of ‘space’ around anything that is happening or that we are experiencing.

Another great benefit of meditation is that it improves concentration and cultivates a relaxed yet alert focus which is beneficial during the actual time of meditation and enables greater focus in everything that we are engaged in during the day.

From a Law of Attraction perspective meditation also has the positive outcome that not only does it enable us to deal with things more effectively in the moment in our day to day lives but it also assists in cleaning up any contradictory beliefs that we may have. Some beliefs that don’t match the true essence of who we are seem to transform automatically through regular meditation. That’s not to say that the other Law of Attraction practices aren’t extremely helpful in changing those beliefs in a more targeted way but meditation works very well alongside the other techniques in beginning to unravel any limiting beliefs.

Finally, through having a regular meditation practice we create an inner place that is always available to us that it gets easier and easier to return to and the benefits begin to extend more deeply and broadly in terms of they start to permeate into more and more areas of life experience and in the different areas the effects increase.

For anyone who is interested the Law of Attraction Centre has Meditation CD’s available to order, for more information please see: https://www.lawofattractioncentre.com/products/ The Law of Attraction Centre also runs Meditation 101 Live, regular worldwide free meditation and visualisation webinars providing the opportunity to experience the enhanced collective energy of meditating with other people from the comfort of your own home.


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