The Value of Your Unique Preferences, by Tracy Friend


The Value of Your Unique Preferences“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth, without complicated explanation.” Rumi

The Law of Attraction describes that whilst on the one hand everyone is connected, that everyone is also a unique expression of source energy on their own individual journey, with unique preferences. It explains that preferences arise naturally as a result of being exposed to different life experiences and situations. Therefore, preferences change and are refined over time.

The Law of Attraction recognises the importance of focusing on your unique preferences, as it says that true satisfaction comes from living in alignment with who you really are. In alignment with who you really are there is a sense of freedom as you are valuing your own specific intentions. Also, the more someone follows their own unique preferences the easier and easier that life gets as they are flowing with the energy of the universe.

Sometimes people feel that their preferences are so specific that they may question how they could possibly experience the fulfilment of them. However, from a Law of Attraction understanding whatever you have the ability to desire the universe with its infinite intelligence has the ability to create and it can bring together all of the different details and elements that are important to you. Therefore even if you couldn’t imagine how you could experience what you want, by being purely focused on your unique preferences you will draw everything to you needed to fulfil them.

Some people may also wonder whether it is appropriate for them to have unique preferences. Though, the Law of Attraction says that everyone is on their own personal journey and that their unique preferences are important as they are the most leading edge, expanded version of who they are. “The things that make me different are the things that make me.” A.A. Milne. Not only do everyone’s unique preferences matter, but very often they reveal someone’s purpose in life and all new creations have come from people who stayed true to themselves.

It is interesting also that when someone is following their own unique self that because they are in harmony with who they are that they are then able to more authentically connect with other people. In relation to this even if two people interacting with each other had different preferences on a particular subject the universe could find a way of fulfilling both of them as long as they were both purely focused on what they wanted.

Another benefit of following unique preferences is that normally the more someone honours and allows their own individuality the easier it usually is for them to also honour other people’s individuality. In addition, observing someone else staying true to their preferences often inspires other people to have the courage to follow their own unique journey.


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