Letting the Universe Take Care of the How, by Tracy Friend


Letting the Universe Take Care of the How“There is force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.” Mahatma Gandhi

Before I learned about the Law of Attraction I remember hearing spiritual principles about the importance of relaxing and letting go. However, it didn’t always feel that comfortable to think about doing that as I wondered if I relaxed whether I would just lose focus about things that were important to me. When I discovered the Law of Attraction and it explained that in the moment that something is desired that it is created in an energetic format, it then made sense to me that relaxing and letting go was a good thing as when we do so what is wanted still exists energetically so we are not letting go of the desire but rather we are doing our best to let go of any resistant thought. Indeed, relaxing creates improved conditions of receptivity for the universe to be able to bring what is wanted.

The Law of Attraction explains that our part in the creative process is not about trying to make things happen but rather doing our best to feel as good as we can and focusing on “the what” is wanted and that the universe’s role is taking care of “the how” solutions, answers or manifestations come about. The Beatles lyrics to the song “Let It Be” ‘There will be an answer, let it be’ are in perfect alignment with how the manifestation process works. The fact that the universe manages how wanted things manifest can also really be part of the fun and magic of life as it means that as we align our thinking with what is wanted, we start to feel and know that what is wanted will come to us but it is still often a wonderful surprise the exact manner in which things do come.

Whilst the universe takes care of how things manifest there are several Law of Attraction techniques that are useful to help create conditions conducive to allowing the universe to play its part in bringing what is wanted.

One such powerful technique is remembering any times when it felt like the universe was assisting you. This may include times when things came to you or happened that might have seemed almost more perfect than you may have thought you could have found or made happen by yourself. As an example this could have been meeting a particular friend who you have so much in common with and who you feel like you have known forever that you might have thought how could you have gone out and tried to look for such a friend but rather you appeared to meet them almost effortlessly. Or perhaps another example may have been getting a job that was the perfect fulfilment of several desires and intentions that you held.

In addition very often even before things have fully manifested there can be signs or synchronicities along the way that show that things are unfolding in a positive way and by doing your best to notice those can also help you to stay more positive as things are in the process of coming to you.

Meditation is also very beneficial in raising your frequency which makes it easier for the universe to assist you. The quote by the Roman poet Ovid “Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.” provides a great analogy of how letting go can nurture what is wanted.

Tips for Letting the Universe Take Care of the How:

  i) Spend some time breathing deeply to help promote a state of relaxation

  ii) Do your best to focus on areas of your life that are going well/ that are flowing

  iii) Visualise any outcomes that you want in particular areas of your life (the universe will take care of the details)

  iv) Write a note to the universe about what you would like it to do

For anyone who would like further inspiration on how to relax and let the universe take care of the how, Michael James has created the CD with booklet ‘Relax, Release and Let Go’. For more information please see: https://www.lawofattractioncentre.com/relax-release-and-let-go/


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