Receiving the Expansion by Making the Best of Experiences, by Tracy Friend


Receiving the Expansion by Making the Best of Experiences“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” Buddha

In some approaches to helping people, when someone is experiencing a challenge there can be a focus on what has happened and discovering why it happened, however from a Law of Attraction understanding focusing on what is unwanted only holds them longer in what is unwanted. The Law of Attraction explains that in order to positively transform things it is very beneficial to make the best of the current experience and to focus on what is now wanted. Interestingly in relation to this it states that any discomfort that someone may be experiencing is only because their thinking isn’t in alignment with the expansion that has happened as a result of the experience, rather than it being because of the experience itself. When they had desires for improvement the broader part of them expanded to become what they’d asked for and if they are currently focused on the experience there is a discrepancy between who they’ve become and the thoughts that they are thinking.

Making the best of your current experience and focusing in alignment with the expansion that has occurred frees up creative energy and releases any hooks that may be holding you to a situation, as the energy is no longer utilised thinking about the unwanted experience which opposes the natural pure positive energy of who you are. You will therefore have more energy as you are working with the energy of the universe and you will move forward into the expansion and benefits that the experience led to. It can sound cliché but there are often many gifts hidden in what can appear first of all to be a challenge.

By focusing positively it is possible to reap the benefits of experiences that are happening now, have happened recently and even those that may have happened a long time ago. Even if you can’t think of any good that came from a particular experience just by beginning to contemplate whether any good has come from it will start to positively transform things. The following questions may assist you in shifting your focus and making the best of your experience. It is particularly helpful to make the list of all of the good that has come from a particular situation or experience in writing as this is a powerful form of focus.

Questions to assist you in making the best of experiences:
“What good has come from this situation?”
“In what ways has this situation helped me to expand?”

An example of the good that may have come from a situation:
• It enabled me to discover more about how life works and hopefully I can use that to also assist others in the future
• It helped me to learn more about myself
• It allowed me to gain more clarity on what is important to me
• It enabled me to become more focused
• It revealed to me some beliefs that I could positively transform
• It gave me the opportunity to focus more on all of the good that is in my life

Even if you haven’t yet found any good from a particular situation, you could ask yourself “What good could come from the situation?” or “What could I learn from the situation?” For additional assistance in seeing the good that has come from an experience it can also be beneficial to write a request to the universe along the lines of ‘Please allow me to see what good has come from this situation’. This setting a clear intention will put you in a receptive position to receive answers from the universe.

If you would like further support in receiving the positive expansion from life experiences, the Law of Attraction Centre offers coaching packages designed to do more progressive work of going deeper with the Law of Attraction. For further information please see:


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