Thought As The Root Cause, by Tracy Friend


Thought As The Root Cause“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” Buddha

Whilst there can be different levels of explanation as to why certain things are happening, the Law of Attraction states that thought is the root cause of everything whether it’s how we feel, how our relationships are, how our physical body is or the abundance that is in our lives. Thought is therefore ‘the cause’ and the manifestation is ‘the effect’.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges that there may be on a personal development or spiritual path is that very often the effect or the manifestation appears very vivid and it is easy to assume that it is the cause rather than thinking which is not visible being the cause. Whilst the vivid manifestation may be having a secondary impact in terms of it affecting how you feel through your paying attention to it, the Law of Attraction explains that the primary cause of why it is there to begin with is as a result of thinking. Therefore if changes are made to conditions very often people may then elicit the same thing from the new situation. However, that it is not to say that we shouldn’t change conditions to make our lives as comfortable as we can but to also change our thinking so that what we are eliciting from any situations also changes.

There are two keys ways to feel happier and to make improvements if there are any thoughts or situations that don’t feel good. These are distracting the mind or specifically practising better feeling thoughts. If it is a subject that comes up and you are not going to have to face it again then distracting the mind can work. However, if it is something that repeatedly comes up in your life experience then it is very valuable to change your thinking about it. The way to change any contradictory thoughts is by making the wanted good feeling thoughts more dominant through practising them and the Law of Attraction provides a systematic approach through which to do this.

The Law of Attraction explains that we didn’t come forth with any contradictory thoughts and that any unwanted thoughts have been learned. Therefore all thoughts can be changed by practising better feeling thoughts that match who you really are. As people are thinking all day every day when they are awake, in order to see the benefits of focusing more positively it does usually take some consistent practice. It may be to begin with that as someone starts practising better feeling thoughts that the mind goes back and forth between the not so good feeling thoughts and the thoughts that feel better, however if someone continues to practice the good feeling thoughts there will come a time when those thoughts have become dominant and then when the subject comes up, it is just where the mind naturally goes. In addition through having made changes at the level of thought, the changes will be real and permanent.

Whilst, true change happens on the level of thought that it is not to say that any solutions won’t be physical or that action won’t be inspired as the thoughts align, however it is the changing of thoughts that enables the solutions or what is wanted to appear.

For anyone who is interested the Law of Attraction Centre has released an online course entitled “Living the Law of Attraction” which is focused on teaching you how to practically utilise the Law of Attraction to change your thinking to enhance wellbeing and bring you dreams and desires into fruition. For more information please see:


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