The Law of Attraction for Children, by Tracy Friend


The Law of Attraction for Children

“If we were standing in your physical shoes we would have one dominant intention relative to our children, or any children with whom we would interact, and that desire would be to give them a conscious understanding of how powerful, and important, and valuable, and perfect they are.” Abraham-Hicks

The Law of Attraction explains that in order for a parent to be of most value to their children, their greatest power is in the parent themselves being in as alignment and as happy as they can be as this will assist the child in maintaining positive patterns of thinking and in knowing their value.

In addition to parents doing their best to be in alignment it is very powerful for them to be deliberately focused on their children’s positive qualities, what they love about them and to practice in their mind expecting the best for them. The Law of Attraction states that one who is in alignment and focused on another is of tremendous positive influence.

It is also very helpful for parents to remind themselves that their children are extensions of source energy with unique dreams, intentions and preferences and their own guidance system.

With regard to specifically teaching the Law of Attraction to children or to anyone for that matter, a key aspect of the Law of Attraction philosophy is that in order to teach someone something they have to be asking and want to know about it. If your children are open to and interested in learning about the Law of Attraction and how to apply it, taking them through simplified versions of the Law of Attraction techniques can be very useful.

The Law of Attraction techniques can be classified into three types: relaxation, making the best of your current reality and positively focusing forward. Children usually naturally do all three of these very well: they are often relaxed, enjoying their moment with whatever they are currently focused on and they often naturally imagine things that they would like. Whatever, your child’s current mood it can be enhanced by helping them to apply these three types of techniques more deliberately.

Introducing children to meditation/relaxation is very beneficial and once they have found their own way of doing it they will have an incredibly powerful tool that is at their disposal for their whole lives. For children meditating for around ten minutes to begin with is a good length of time.

Another fantastic technique for children is the Appreciation Game in which you can ask them to see if they can write fifteen things that they appreciate or are thankful for in their life. This will help them to see all of the good things that they already currently have and will also assist them in getting more into a mode of allowing to attract more of the things that they want into their life.

Techniques designed to help children focus on their dreams and wishes are also very useful to help them keep their creativity and imagination alive. Vision Boards or Treasure Maps as they are sometimes referred to for children can be fun to make and can help them to have a pictorial image of their dreams. Another Law of Attraction process that can be enjoyable for children is the ‘Wish Box’ in which they can decorate a box such as a shoe box and then put in it notes and images of things that they would like. Finally, if you notice that your child gets focused on something unwanted you can also assist them in refocusing by asking them questions such as “What would you like to experience?” or “How would you like to feel?”

If you already have a Law of Attraction practice, your children may wish to join you and for you to do some of the techniques together. However, other children may prefer the privacy of doing the techniques on their own. As children begin to do the Law of Attraction techniques it is then very useful to help them to recognise when the Law of Attraction has worked positively for them so that they can see more and more evidence that they are powerful and that they do have the ability to create the life that they want.

The Law of Attraction Centre offers ‘Living Your Dreams’ coaching for children aged 10-15, for more information please see:


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