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Manifestation & The Power of the Present Moment

Manifestation & The Power of the Present Moment, by Michael James

Do we live in the now – or work on manifesting a dream future? Creating your reality Popular books like Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and other ‘non-duality’ teachings (such as ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie) suggest that this moment is all there is – and teach us to be fully present with it. […]

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Thought As The Root Cause

Thought As The Root Cause, by Tracy Friend

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” Buddha Whilst there can be different levels of explanation as to why certain things are happening, the Law of Attraction states that thought is the root cause of everything whether it’s how we feel, how our relationships are, how our physical body is […]

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Example Vision Board

Creating a Vision Board, by Tracy Friend

“The mind is everything; what you think you become.” Buddha Vision Boards can be extremely useful to assist you in staying focused on your ideal life and in having a clear pictorial image of what you would like to experience. By staying focused on your ideal life, you will begin to draw more of what […]

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Co-creating our reality

Co-creating our reality, by Michael James

The idea of creating our own reality can be empowering yet daunting. Empowering, because it allows us to realise that we are not powerless beings buffeted about by a random Universe, but daunting because we may think we have to do it all ourselves. But we don’t. We are not alone in all of this. […]

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Wishful thinking or true manifestation

Wishful thinking or true manifestation? By Michael James

There are teachings out there that tell you that if you close your eyes, think of a Ferrari and then open your eyes, it will be there. Technically, this is along the right lines. But manifestation is not wishful thinking. And although working with the Law of Attraction is simple in theory it is not […]

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Creating positive thought habits

Creating positive thought habits, by Michael James

Negative thinking patterns like worry or fear can be very intrusive and even addictive. An undisciplined mind can run wild, but it is reassuring to know that it can be calmed and focused and become our best friend. Many people feel that their mind is in control of them but it needn’t be that way; […]

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Law of Attraction Centre Visualisation Tips

Visualisation Tips

Relax into your vision. Go into detail- imagining how your vision feels, looks and smells. Gently ask yourself, ‘how would it feel if I was living my ideal life’? Remind yourself that the universe will take care of the ‘how’ and your only role is to focus on ‘what’ you want. If you find it […]

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