The Power of Allowing, by Tracy Friend


The Power of Allowing“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it” Lao Tzu

I find that quote by Lao Tzu from the Tao Te Ching a brilliant analogy for the apparent dichotomy of how the more flexible and relaxed you are the more powerful you also are.

Allowing from a Law of Attraction perspective can be defined as allowing yourself to harmonise with and benefit from the connection to the broader part of who you are which is pure positive energy and infinite intelligence.

Allowing can also be referred to as letting go. Sometimes people are concerned that if they let go that they will just give up and no longer make progress in their life. However, according to the Law of Attraction the opposite is true, it really is purely a letting go of resistant thinking rather than your desires. Indeed, you cannot let go of your desires as the Law of Attraction explains that in the moment you desired something it was created in an energetic format. Therefore when people let go they begin to be more supported by and to flow with the current of life in the direction of their dreams.

I remember several times on my own journey where there were things that I wanted that I didn’t seem able to make happen through action and effort, and then I got distracted from them by having a good time doing something else such as going on a holiday and then they happened naturally. I felt that these were examples of my getting out of my own way and allowing the universe to assist me.

In order to enhance your connection to source energy, as source energy vibrates on the frequency of love, appreciation and everything that you have ever asked for, it is necessary to ensure that you are thinking thoughts that match that frequency as source won’t modify its frequency to match your current mood. The more you practice becoming more flexible and fluid in your thinking and deliberately focusing on better feeling thoughts, the more you will stay synced up with who you really are and in a state of allowing.

There are several different Law of Attraction techniques that can assist you in getting more into a state of allowing. Regular meditation is extremely conducive to being in a state of allowing as it cultivates a more general focus which allows your natural frequency to rise.

Another powerful technique to enhance your mode of allowing is to focus on all of the good things that are already in your life. In addition making the best of any challenges and looking for the good in them, will increase your state of allowing and set you free from them. If there is a particular subject on which you can’t find any positive thoughts you can get more into a mode of allowing by instead deliberately focusing on a subject that you already feel good about. A key point when doing the Law of Attraction techniques is that you can always know the extent to which you are in a mode of allowing by how you feel.

The more people practice getting into a state of allowing the more they start to see increasing evidence that they are part of a loving universe that is always there for them and the more they begin to naturally relax and let go, which in turn allows this energy to assist them even more.

For anyone who would like further inspiration on how to get more into a mode of allowing, Michael James has created the CD with booklet ‘Relax, Release and Let Go’. For more information please see:


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