A New Year’s Resolution: Create Your Best Year Yet, by Michael James


A New Year's ResolutionThe word “resolution” is from the word “resolute”, which means with certainty. And yet many people see their New Year’s resolutions as a “maybe”.

The secret to living the life you want whether it’s personal development, learning a sport, a new art, or any skill – it’s always the same: (1) find a practice that works and then (2) do it consistently.

If it were that simple- you’d think everyone would be doing it, right?

It’s a common theme that most gyms are crowded for a few weeks in January and then clear again by February. This is one of the obstacles for people on the personal development path – or mastering anything. People quit too soon – and they lack discipline. They don’t continue with practice, day in and day out – which is what is required to get good at anything. Most people don’t do the things they know would change their life for the better. There are many reasons for this – and the reasons aren’t so important. The key is to set your intentions – and then follow through with them.

Finding self-love and self-confidence

The concept of Self and connecting with it is everything – that’s why so many teachers speak of the importance of self-love and self-confidence.

You can fix and change and rearrange your life – but if you don’t have self-worth, nothing will get better – or you certainly won’t feel like it has. Ultimately, the world is a reflection of what you think of you. Change your opinion of Self, and you change your world. When you follow through with those things you just know you are guided to do, it’s easier to love yourself.

People say confidence is the most attractive trait – and it is – but you can’t fake it. You can’t think your way to confidence – you have to tune to it. And there’s a big difference. The word charisma means “of the spirit” – it is all about connection and feeling at ease with the Self.

Sometimes we don’t feel self-confident – and that’s ok too. Being ok with not feeling confident, in fact, is one of the quickest ways to confidence. (We expand on this idea and many others in our workshops and events.)

Daily practice

Action is required to shift you to the state of being where you are already that which you want to be. It rarely “just happens”. Whether it be the actions of taking time to meditate, writing daily lists of appreciation, or working out your body – this is where your New Year’s resolutions or intentions come in to play.

In this case, the practices I’ve mentioned are the practices of clearing the mind. Much like we shower to clean the body, we need to do something else – daily – to “clean” the mind, too. The thing is there’s just so many “personal development” practices out there – where do you start? Every week a new gimmick comes out promising to get you “everything you want” quicker than the last product.

One thing I do know is stuff that gets you “trying to think the right thoughts” rarely works – because people start to do this before they have cleared their mind. When your mind is clear, you naturally and automatically sync-up with effective ideas, and instincts and impulses that will lead you to the life you want – and yes, self-confidence and self-love. When your mind isn’t clear, you sync with the opposite, and it’s hard going.

So start the New year with practices to clear your mind. Start with the simple, tried and tested approaches like meditation, physical exercise and appreciation/gratitude.

You could:

1 Write a daily list of appreciation
2 Meditate regularly
3 Start a new exercise regime or a dynamic new hobby – and follow through with it
4 Follow the guidance that comes from within

Start this New Year the way you mean to go on. Do the daily practices which sometimes or even often you don’t “feel like” doing – but drop you into that place of self-confidence and self-love which is the Real You, right now. Opening this channel is going to take some work – but it’s worth it more than almost anything else you can do. One of the best ways to feel the love for yourself is by following through with what you said you were going to do. And this New Year – and this very moment – is the perfect time to do it.


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